I believe the work I do ties in with this exciting new show.

From raising 

awareness for domestic abuse to reaching out to all victims afraid to break their silence to stop abusive relationships forming.

I am so very proud and honoured to say my book Out of the Corner went global since launching in 2014.

I have since gone from strength to strength and gained so many awards as Ambassador for various African charities supporting youths with disabilities and Ebola.
Supporting homeless and orphan children, victims and survivors of domestic abuse in Zambia.
There is now an Out of the Corner whatsapp group direct to Zambian women who I help daily with day and night giving advise , guidance , support and confidence to areas of Zambia that have no resources which is going very well and has helped many women and young girls.


Awards and Honours include:
Hon  Deputy Minister U.K. WHC World Humanity Commission for  safeguarding women and girls who are victims and survivors of domestic abuse and FGM.

Doctorate Academy of Global Peace
Dr of Divinity 2016

Global Ambassador of Ladies of all Nations

Good Will Ambassador of the year IAA international Achievers Awards

Global Ambassador of peace
For Global Ambassador for peace on sustainable development

African Entrepreneur Award

Out of the Corner confidence courase runs for 12 weeks, 2 hours a week to help rebuild  victime of abuse. It is ongoing at Tomorrow's Wirral Women.

All my work is voluntary based I give my time to help woman and  I am rewarded watching their strength and values grow each week with happiness.

We all must work together  to educate and protect our young generation. Knowing the tactics of a bully/dominator to stop abusive relationships forming in the future !!!


Links: Www.chaniseskitchen.co.uk




Dr Karen Johnson

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